WE ProvidE critical solutions to government, industry, and consumers, worldwide.

D&M Holding Company, Inc.

Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, our portfolio of companies represents a broad range of solutions and services for government, industry, and consumers worldwide. Our founding partners and company leaders are innovators in their respective fields and industries. Each company in our portfolio is successful in bringing new ideas, and new solutions to their clients and customers.

D&M is continuously looking for new opportunities and has several new ventures in the works. Contact our management team to present new opportunities to the D&M Board of Directors.


D&M Holding Company Portfolio of companies:

JDR Manufacturing

JDR Manufacturing is a metal parts fabricator and metal components assembler for OEM clients. Located in Cabot, Arkansas, JDR Manufacturing specializes in deep draw technology using multi-station transfer presses and specialized extrusion machines. JDR Manufacturing will service the automotive, aerospace, defense, and sporting industries.

JDR Logistics

JDR Logistics is a freight and logistics brokering company initially started to manage logistics for other D&M companies before branching out to service outside customers. JDR Logistics manages a growing fleet of Conestoga Drop Deck Trailers providing secure transport of wide range of cargo, including heavy industrial equipment.

D&M Ammunition Manufacturing Solutions

Located in Tampa, Florida and Cabot, Arkansas, D&M Ammunition Manufacturing Solutions is a turnkey manufacturing solutions provider for government and commercial clients, requiring large scale engineering and manufacturing solutions. With combined industry experience of over 500 years, D&M AMS is the premier solutions provider to some of the best-known factories in the world. Products and Services include Equipment Design and Manufacturing as well as Engineering and Consulting Services. Visit www.dmholding.com for more information.

White River Energetics

Located in a state-of-the-art facility in Des Arc, Arkansas, White River Energetics is an energetic materials engineering and manufacturing firm specializing in research and development of modern energetics manufacturing processes, energetics parts manufacturing, and advanced training in energetics chemistry and manufacturing. WRE supports a wide range of domestic and international clients in defense and sporting markets.

McKenzie Engineering Co.

Founded in 1912, McKenzie Engineering has been a pioneer in manufacturing chip separating machines for industrial applications. Located in Maryville, Tennessee. McKenzie Engineering offers various models with capabilities and capacities for a variety of applications, primarily for the automotive industry. Visit www.mckenzieengineering.com for more information.


Based in Cabot Arkansas, Hy-Conn is the inventor of the fire fighting industry’s first “quick attach” fire hydrant connectors. Originally debuted on the television show Shark Tank, Hy-Conn has diversified into quick attach connectors for oil & gas industry, automotive, and for household use. Visit www.hy-conn.com for more information.

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